What is acne?

There is a difference between the common blemish and chronically- inflamed acne. Chronic, often painful acne can emerge as pimples, pustules, and lesions that form from inflamed and infected sebaceous glands.


Acne is the result of a chain reaction that begins when overactive oil glands pool inside the hair follicle. When the squalene in sebum oxidizes, it releases excess keratin which clogs the pore. Clogged pores are the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish and create inflamed skin known as comedones or acne.


Stress and hormonal changes, UV damage, poor diet, pollution, and toxic skincare products are all causes of oxidative stress and free radical damage. Oxidative stress can lead to inflammation, which plays a key role in the formation of acne. Oxidative stress through free radical damage inhibits the skin’s immunity against healing itself from acne, making it more prone to scarring and pigmentation. A significant way to curtail acne is to stop oxidative stress before it starts through antioxidants.


Antioxidants reduce oxidative stress and help prevent the inflammation that leads to acne by neutralizing free radicals. Free radicals attack skin cells for their electrons, causing a once-healthy skin cell to become a free radical itself, which in-turn attacks other healthy cells. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by giving them the electrons to prevent them from attacking other cells. Antioxidants help protect the skin’s immunity against inflammation, future breakouts and can reverse the ravaging effects of acne such as scarring and pigmentation.


A common concern with current acne products on the market today is that they focus on “drying out” the acne with harsh chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, perfumes or sulphates without dealing with inflammation from the start. These products can strip the skin barrier of its natural oils, often time leaving it open to more oxidative stress, and dehydration without preventing future breakouts or reversing the damage left by acne. Many formulas lack pure ingredients leaving skin more vulnerable to toxic chemicals through open acne lesions.


This potent serum uses 99.9% pure C60 fullerene, a nanoparticle, super-antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory that is 172 times more powerful than vitamin C and 60 times more potent than coenzyme Q10. Clinical research has shown that fullerenes have suppressive effects on sebum secretion and inhibit its oxidation. FullerSkin NANO C60™ is formulated to be a powerful force against acne without damaging the skin barrier or skin’s moisture levels. FullerSkin NANO C60™ features a unique delivery system that penetrates deep into the skin for results-driven skincare.

Because FullerSkin NANO C60™ only uses pure, non-toxic ingredients, its formula is a safer alternative to leading acne treatments. FullerSkin NANO C60™ also includes blackseed oil, coconut oil, rosehip oil, and sea buckthorn oil to help nourish and hydrate the skin while protecting it from the effects of UV damage.

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