Modern Technology, Organic Solutions

Using 99.9% pure C60 fullerene, FullerSkin fuses cutting-edge nanotechnology with ancient blends of organic oils and active ingredients for gentle, yet potent formulas that deliver the most effective skin repair solutions on the market today without prescription. Formulated to be effective on eczema, psoriasis, aging skin, pigmentation, and acne, FullerSkin serums work to reverse the damage of inflammation and oxidative stress for powerful and noticeable results.


With cutting-edge nanotechnology, the FullerSkin assortment uses an advanced delivery system that allow active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin for powerful results.

C60 Fullerene

As an antioxidant that is 172 times more powerful than vitamin C and 60 times more potent than coenzyme Q10, C60 fullerene is scientifically proven to be a powerful force for anti-aging, acne and eczema while protecting and reversing the effects of UV radiation damage.

Ancient Solutions

Each FullerSkin treatment contains old world blends of high-grade organic oils to effectively target prominent skin concerns that leave skin feeling healthier, smoother, hydrated, and more nourished.

About Us

Developed by professionals, FullerSkin is a range of results-driven formulas comprised of ninety-nine percent pure, C60 fullerene, an antioxidant that is one hundred seventy-two times more powerful than vitamin C, sixty times more potent than CoQ10 and scientifically-proven to be a safer and more effective alternative to the damaging side-effects of steroids. C60 fullerene is a deeply penetrating nano particle known for its powerful effects on the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.

After years of clinical research, FullerSkin serum treatments were made with an ancient blend of high-grade organic oils, targeting eczema, anti-aging, pigmentation, and acne while protecting and reversing the damaging effects of UV radiation. Free of harsh chemicals and toxins, FullerSkin utilizes a new era of intelligence surrounding safe and organic solutions for the most-pressing skin concerns for dramatically-improved skin.

What People Say

I think this product works wonders on the face and lightening marks. I definitely will recommend this product to all my friends and family. Before using this product I gave up hope of the marks on my face going away and now am happy to day they are fading and my face has glow it never had before trying this product.

Michelle Y

Since starting to look for anti aging products several years ago, I realized that it’s hard to find products that do more than leave a film of moisture on your skin. I want moisture, but I want it to go deep enough to make my skin glow. This serum does the trick! Having a glow back to my skin is definitely something I was looking for and this serum delivers and I can tell that the product is really penetrating my skin.

Eliza S

This product was complimentary for testing purposes. I would highly recommend this product it works as a great moisturizer. I had gotten sun burned one my face vacationing and i just applied this every night and my face hardly peeled.

Jenny A

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