DEFY C60™ 逆齡精華素 30毫升


FullerSkin DEFY C60™ Age Resverse Serum uses 99.9% pure C60 fullerene, a nanoparticle, powerful antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory that is 172 times more effective than vitamin C, and 60 times more potent than coenzyme Q10. FullerSkin DEFY C60™ Age Reverse Serum is a breakthrough in anti-aging. Using a unique delivery system, this serum penetrates deep into the skin for a results-driven, anti-aging approach to skincare.

DEFY  C60™ Age Reverse Serum is formulated for the treatment of:

  • 皮膚老化
  • 細紋和皺紋
  • 色素沉著
  • 皮膚彈性和豐滿度


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